Typetalk & Backlog

Project management for Typetalk teams

Create new Backlog issues directly in Typetalk

When you create a talk in Typetalk, you can use that talk to create a new Backlog issue right from Typetalk. New messages added to that talk will appear in that issue.

Learn how to connect Typetalk with Backlog

Get Backlog updates in Typetalk

Connect a Backlog project to a Typetalk topic to receive notifications on updates to issues, wikis, files, and pull-requests, as well as mentions in issues and comments.

Preview Backlog issues in Typetalk

When you share an issue URL in a Typetalk Topic, users can hover over the link to view that issue’s details without leaving Typetalk.

View Typetalk conversations in Backlog

Create a #Talk in Typetalk, and you can paste the Talk URL to Backlog. That URL will expand to provide a preview box of all messages in the Talk right in Backlog.

Add webhooks for Backlog activity

Set up a simple webhook, and your team will get notified about important Backlog events, like pull-requests, right in Typetalk.

Learn how to connect Typetalk with Backlog

Backlog keeps your team on track

Project Management

Work with clients, stakeholders, and other teams on one connected platform to complete projects in record time.

Bug Tracking

Collaborate on bugs to release fixes faster. Tracking bugs alongside your projects provide greater transparency and insights.

Task Management

View, prioritize, and discuss all your tasks in one place. Get critical feedback and let your team know important updates with a simple notification.

Version Control

Host your code securely in the cloud with private repositories. Get a clear view of who's working on which branch, review others' work, and track changes.

Using Typetalk with Backlog, your team can communicate
and collaborate on projects with ease.