A chat app built for
team collaboration

For communication that’s ongoing, trackable, and engaging

Get feedback faster

Communication shouldn’t stop when the meeting ends.

With organized chat Topics, your team can host open-ended conversations that drive projects forward.

Retrieve information easily

Nothing kills productivity like having to ask for everything twice.

With a living repository of questions, requests, and feedback at your fingertips, you can find the information you need with a simple search.

Create team unity

Team cohesion is about more than aligned goals.

To inspire engagement, you need an app that’s user-friendly, actionable, and fun with features like mentioning, Likes, third-party cards, and more.

Do more than talk

A simple, yet savvy feature set for every conversation.

Topics for teams, projects, and subjects

Create focused chat Topics that guide the conversation.
Topic groups, threaded messages and tagged #Talks help keep things organized.

Search functions to retrieve information

Search messages by keyword, sender, or date. Search within Topics or Direct Messages. And explore messages with attachments to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Social elements that keep teams engaged

Like messages using the heart button, track Likes you’ve received with Likes Activity, and discover popular messages from your team. Keep it fun with emojis and GIFs using GIPHY supported URLs.

Notifications for what matters most

Customize your notifications, so you only hear about the messages that are important to you. Decide when you don't want to be contacted with our Do Not Disturb feature.

But wait, there’s more!

Secure team access

Administrators can manage and set team access privileges. Our two-step login authentication further secures access.

Drag n’ Drop file sharing

Simply drag and drop files (PNG/JPEG/GIF/DOC/PDF) into your message to share it with your team.

Open API & Webhooks

Our open API and Webhooks are great for developers who want to create bots, make custom tools, and access your team’s Typetalk data.

A simple solution for engaged communication

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For small teams just getting started

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For growing teams ready to level up


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Plus, integration with all Nulab apps

With a Nulab Account, you can sign on to any of Nulab’s collaborative apps with a single username and password. Plus, you can manage your users, security, and billing for each app all in one place.

A project-management app for developers and their teams.

Cloud-based diagrams,
the easy way.

A chat app built for team collaboration

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What other companies are saying

Rather than regarding Typetalk as a single communication tool, I consider it integral to services like Backlog and Cacoo. By combining it with other tools, the range of uses expands, and we can customize it according to how we work.

Hiromichi Koga, CEO

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